Welcome to the New Age

February 19-23, 26NA

Things are not going well in Grayson when the Heralds return.  A new guild is causing trouble getting shipments into the town.  The Town Council seems to be influenced by outside forces.  Mother Healy is confronted by Aideen who admits that she is being blackmailed by Blackmantle — who may just be Mayor Courdy's supposedly dead wife…

Meanwhile, at the monastery, Iliken discovers that an undead attack there accompanied the theft of a book.



On our approach to the town, it was clear that something was wrong. There were several barges anchored in the river, about double the usual amount. The halflings stood idle, while two of the town’s militia talked on the dock.

While we were gone, the Grayson town council had established (by a vote of 3 to 2) a Porter’s Guild. The new guild was responsible for (among other things) loading and unloading the barges. I was hailed by one of the halflings and eventually we were sort of browbeaten into agreeing to help them, and while I wanted to, we sort of ended up promising more than I’m certain we can deliver.

The mayor certainly seemed upset about the current state of the town, but it felt like they

Declan and I visited with mother a bit, and she was acting very strangely. She seemed paranoid, and was laying into us about having children and other random things. She wasn’t herself, and when she went to storm out I blocked her path and called her out on her behavior.

Later I suggested that we might take a walk, and when we got outside of the town I was finally able to get her to talk.

Bruce’s wife may be still alive, under the hood of Black Mantle. Mother was approached and blackmailed against the secret, convinced to vote certain ways on the council. (So far, four of them). Her jumpiness and paranoia may have spread to me, but when a bird took flight near us, my first instinct was that it was a spy and I blasted it from the sky.

It was pretty awful for her to see I think, but it was hard for me to feel too sorry for her, especially in that moment.

It is hard for me to imagine that Black Mantle simply wants the Porter’s Guild to exist (although I don’t doubt that she has a stake in it). I suspect that she is profiting somehow from the chaos it has caused.

I took a few days to talk to townspeople and observe the effects of the new rules, and try to come up with a plan. Ilikan finally got back, and after a conversation with him I think I have one. I think that we need to host a meeting with the Guild and with the halflings, but there is one more thing I had to do.

Before I went to the mayor’s office to request the meeting I started a letter…

Agendas part 01

“When I arrived at the monastery there was a pile of corpses being burned. It seems like at the same time they attacked someone stole a book from the library. I also told the masters about my experience with the wave after the explosion.

When I returned to Grayson there were boats waiting to unload. It seems the halflings are angry they aren’t going to be paid to unload, since a porters guild was established. It seems three were also some fights inn titan over the price in the markets. I don’t understand any of it, seems to be nothing but trouble for the town."

Agendas part 01

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