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Alien, finale

Denouement with a Dragonborn

March 5-10, 25NA

The video files on the computer reveal more secrets to the party.  As they make ready to depart, securing the bunker in case they need to return, Declan gives in to temptation.

He places his hands on the door to the generated and is…transformed.  The draconic power in his magic is now pasted directly on his body, making him a beautiful, horrifying, dragon-man.  The reaction to his new appearance is predictably varies.

Creatures attempt to strike at the party as they leave the flooded city, but they return to the Stoutsails' ship and are delivered to the mouth of the Southfork River where they travel up to River Running, taking horses to return to Grayson.


Oh Declan, what have you done?

It was so hard to look at him, that first instant where we saw him and I came (slowly) to the realization that it was him. I sobbed, seeing how he had changed, knowing already that many would see him as a monster.

And then he asked me to do it, too. He looked so assured, so confident when he said that this was what we were meant to be. He begged me in our special language, asked me to undergo the same transformation.

I was tempted. I could almost hear the song again, and I looked at my transformed pinky, and I saw what I could become. There was part of me that wanted to follow my brother’s example, give in to that temptation.

But I said, trying to convince myself, trying to make myself believe the words that came out of my mouth, that the force behind the door was not wholesome, that we had been born as we were meant to be.

I could see in his eyes that he knew I only half-believed my own words, but he didn’t try to push me further.

It was only a few minutes before the others finished up their work and pushed us to go, but it felt like an eternity as I stared at the door, my emotions battling it out.

Alien, finale

All my life, I’ve struggled to fit in.

At first, I thought it was because of my abilities. Aideen never had a problem, but something was always a bit off about me. I would pretend it didn’t bother me, but it did.

Then mother sent me to the Tower, and I thought everything would be better. But even there, under the tutelage of some of the best minds this Age has to offer, I was still “different”. Other apprentices would whisper unkind things about me behind my back or stop talking when I entered a room, and still I wouldn’t let on.

Fizzle’s friendship helped, a little.

And although I pretended not to be bothered, it hurt. A lot. But I pretended for so long that it became easy to do.

And so, when I was reunited with my sister, when Mayor Courdy sent us out on that first search, I continued with my aloof, stand-offish persona. Seeing Aideen again brought back a lot of hurt, but I bottled it up.

Emotions just got in the way.

And through it all, the question “Why?” has been first in my mind

Bit by bit, the truth has been revealed to us. I was a bit overwhelmed when Skadi called me “half-blood”. But as we’ve come to learn more about these dragons, I’ve come to realize that they are (at least part of) the answer.

And so, hearing the truth of that Song, I knew what had to be done.

Here I stand now, true scion of my heritage. I know I will face more scorn, more shunning, as my appearance is frightful, but I finally feel myself.

I am sorry mother, for being a difficult child.

I am sorry Magister, for being a difficult student.

I am sorry Aideen, for being a bad brother.

I will do better.

Alien, finale

“After watching some of the pictures we decided to try and seal that side of the basement and flood the building. Willie we were distracted Declan slipped away and touched the door, changing in form. Everyone seems to be reacting poorly to his new form, but he seems the same as always.”

Alien, finale

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