Welcome to the New Age

The Interview with a Dragon part one

The Open Door

Excerpt from DOSA interview with D'Artagnan aka Argentium aka Breach Alpha

Interviewer:  You keep talking about a danger to us, can you elaborate on that some?

D'Artagnan:  Apart from you opening the doors of all reality?  Or are you intent on ignoring that? The fact is that your… Machines… Are an invitation to every predator out there.  There are beings out there, among the planes, that have waited to have such fertile hunting grounds.

I: Such as?

D: The Ba’Atori?  The Unseelie?  The Choir Celestial?

I:  Choir Celestial?  That sounds like… Angels?  That doesn’t sound so bad…

D: They are judges.  Are you honestly prepared to be Judged?

I: That DOES sound ominous, I guess. ::nervous chuckle::

D:  These things might sound familiar.  Comfortable myths. They are not.  They are not myths, not stories.  And they hold power.  Power that you haven’t seen here.

I: You mean magic?  ::Another chuckle::


I:  What are you doing?

D: Unintelligible muttering

I: Can we get the heat turned up in here?



Gentlemen, here are my notes on the video entries we saw in last week’s session. Please let me know if anything is different from what you remember, or if I’ve misinterpreted anything. (Had to take a few liberties with a couple gaps) I’m listing them in the order we watched them, so folders #4, #1, #2.

You may call me “Mr D’Artagnan,” my real name would be difficult for you to make out. If you insist, Argentium.

(In Draconic)
If you keep this up, if you don’t turn off those machines, your world may be destroyed. I appreciate you want your security, but I’m going to want my books back.

  1. (We see a silent image, lit mainly by the light from the recording device itself)

I am Doctor Reuben Meuller. This is part one of my report on events in Hawkins, Indiana in 1983. All further data is to be filed under “Project Arrowhead.”

(He then speaks about the image)

The Hawkins Facility… seems to have folded space. Plant life (he lights a dying tree) does not correspond to any plants on file. Creatures remains (we see an elongated, humanoid shape) defy DNA analysis.

A private corporation, name classified, attempted to transmit matter without crossing space, and found something else instead. DOSA were called in to analyze and confiscate their equipment. Tech was moved to Maine, where we will look into what they were doing, and what went wrong. They pierced some sort of barrier between our world and some sort of parallel universe.

  1. (Again, we hear Dr. Meuller’s voice.)

The accounting of Bridgton, Maine incident. Those idiots at Arrowhead turned the machine on. They didn’t have the filter set. The entire town was temporarily transposed to another world. Survivors suggested that the entire town had been shrouded in mist, and described strange predatory creatures which preyed on the people. “Jackson” wants more funding because of this (he shows something similar to the power bricks). It has energy-generating properties. There’s no waste, but it makes electrical devices work.


Interviewer: Sorry about the interruption.

D’artagnan: No need. I completely understand. I trust my demonstration was enough to convince your superiors?

I: I’m not sure just what I saw, but I think you have a few converts among my superiors.

D: But not you.
I: It’s my job to be skeptical. You were about to give us more dire portents?

D: All of those other threats, they don’t care what lives here, they will come for you because the door is open. There is another, though. She will come because she wants to rule here. She nearly did rule here, once before and this place repelled her.

I: Her?

D: ::Unintelligible word::

I: I’m sorry, is that name?

D: Yes. In my native tongue.

I: Tee-Yah-Maht?

D: Demon. Dragon. Queen.

I: And she’s been here before?

D: Long ago, in your history she came here, but my king followed and drove her out.

I: Your… king?

D: Bah-Ha-Mewt. The King in Platinum. These two battle eternally for dominance over one another. She destroys, he protects. He rules over the those of us aligned with metal, she over the colors.

I: She rules over the coloreds?

D: No, the colors. White, Green, Red, Blue, and Black. She will send Heralds to prepare the way. They will call the colors here, and they in turn, will call her. And when she comes, your people, your world, will not be able to stand against her.

I: But you’re going to stop her?

D: No. No, I will not. My job is to warn you. To help you to help yourselves. Failing that…

I: Failing that, what?

D: Others have their own missions.

I: Others? What others?

D: Others like me. Others that serve to guard against her influences. We will not allow her threat to continue unabated, but your people are woefully unprepared to face a threat the likes of her.

I: You sent spies here?

D: Of course we did. We had to. We needed to know what was here. If you were simply a world of dark intent and prepared to fall in worship of her we would have… In fact some of the Golds argued we should anyway… wait for her to come and close the gates behind her.

I: Close… You mean trapping her here with us?

D: ::hesitates:: Yes.

I: I… we’re going to take a short break here.


Interviewer: All right, then. We have some questions about some points you made earlier. You said that this Demon-Dragon, Tee-yuh- Tee-yo-

D’artagnan: Tee-Yah-Maht.

I: Right, you said that SHE came here before, but was driven out?

D: Yes.

I: By this… by your King.

D: Yes.

I: If, as you said, you could lock her up here, why drive her out? Why not leave her here, trapped?

D: It would not be right. Your people didn’t invite her last time.

I: And your contention is that this time, we did?

D: Not a contention. An open door is all the invitation she requires. Her agents are already here. Already working.

I: Her Agents are demons? Dragons?

D: No, our forms won’t be supported long in this world. The operatives are mortal beings. I guess you might call them a cult.

I: YOUR forms? Are you suggesting that you are some kind of Demon?

D: ::laughter:: No, not at all. I am a dragon.

I: you don’t look like a dragon…

::Sound of a chair shifting as subject stands. An indistinct growl is recorded::


DR. Mueller: You’ll forgive the presence of the armed guards as we continue?

D’artagnan: Whatever you need to feel safe, Dr. Mueller.

M: They don’t seem to concern you.

D: They don’t. I don’t mean any offense, I’m certain your men would be more than capable of injuring me, possibly killing me — even in my true form. But I didn’t expect to walk out of this. I didn’t expect you to listen.

M: Then why come?

D: Someone had to try. It’s the right thing to do.

M: The right thing?

D: You are acting of your own volition, but there is a certain ignorance to the danger represented. Ignorance is not a capital crime. You don’t deserve to die for being blindly ambitious.

M: But you don’t expect us to listen?

D: No. Your curiosity is matched by your arrogance.

M: I’d like to go back to the point you made earlier about Tee-Yah-Maht having been here before. Surely a being like that would have been noticed?

D: Oh, yes definitely.

M: Why have we never heard of her before?
D: You have. Well, your people have. There are legends of the conflict to be found if you look. Sumeria. Egypt. Even Greece and Rome. She is a myth to your people, a monster driven back by the efforts of heroes. We all are.

M: They say every myth is based in factual events.

D: I’ve heard that.

M: You have spies here.

D: Yes.

M: Where are they? Are they like you?

D: Yes and no. We come in many sorts, Gold and Silver, Copper and Brass. ::Twinspeak::Bronze::Twinspeak::

M: What was that last word?

D: Just a message for posterity.

M: o-kay.

D: ::Twinspeak::Seek the Castle of Ravens. The Lady there might well have knowledge of your fathers. I don’t know which of you will find your way here, find this-::

M: Stop that!

D: ::Twinspeak::- but we agreed to keep our secrets with her. Look to the myths of this world to find where Her followers hide. Monsters, giants, beasts of lore. They might give you clues.::

::gunshots. Men shouting. The strange growling returns.::


::intense tears of joy::


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