Ringing Hammer Hold

Grunr Stormborn lead his people to a place high in the mountains near the beginning of the New Age.  They were drawn to it like loadstone to iron and took to it like ducks to water.  Making and building are in the blood of dwarves and the sweat of their labors has turned a relatively shallow series of natural caverns into a combination stronghold and village that is arguably the safest place in the region, since the dwarves could just shut their doors and would survive as long as a year without contact with the outside world.

But Grunr doesn't seem to want to shut out the world.  He understands the value of trade and alliances and wants to see something larger grow from this alliance of Dwarves, Men, and even Elves.  To this end, he keeps embassies and ambassadors to and from each of the other settlements and runs a brisk trade in worked metal for goods more difficult to find in the high mountain caves.

The village maintains herds of sheep on the mountain passes, and just two springs ago, several were born of prodigious size, such that now they are being trained as mounts for the dwarf knights to ride.

Important folk of Ringing Hammer Hold

  • Grunr Stormborn: Hailed as King Grunr, though he has never publicly acknowledged or denied it.  
  • Gaffer Foamingbrew: Brewmaster of the Hold, a position that holds great importance to the Dwarves.
  • Annah  Keencut: Master of the mining guild
  • Captain Willim Bravebeard: chief of the guard
  • Susanna Cleareye-Stormborn: Leader of the Hammer Hold Knights, wife of Grunr.  Never called Queen Susanna.  Ever.

Ringing Hammer Hold

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